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"How Do I Get the Perfect Lawn?"

This is a question that customers ask often: "How Do I Get the Perfect Lawn?" While there is no such thing a perfect lawn, most people are referring to the look of a green outdoor carpet, and you can get pretty close to that, with time and effort.

Check out this picture from a lawn in February 2024 - not bad for a winter cut!

In most regions throughout the U.S. here's the process we recommend for achieving the lawn you've always wanted, without the use of herbicides or synthetic fertilizers:

  • Fall - It all starts in the fall season by mowing low to 2" height, removing thatch & covering your lawn with a thin layer of topsoil, sand and compost. Then add fescue seed and make sure your lawn gets water every few days, so that the seeds stay moist until they germinate. Seedlings should be visible within 2 - 3 weeks.

  • Winter - Not too much to do here other than let the roots deepen & use weed control to maintain. The weed control mixture we use includes vinegar, epsom salt and natural soap. If you must add fertilizer, we recommend Milorganite 6-4-0.

  • Spring - Mow at 3.5 - 4" height, edge and add wood ash as a natural source of potassium. Springtime is also a 2nd opportunity to seed in areas that didn't take in the fall.

  • Summer - Continue to mow at 4" height and water as needed to avoid burnout. Lime pellets can also help balance the soil, reduce acidity and provide relief.

Every lawn has it's challenges, but like we say at Woolly Bear Lawn Care, "Nothing is impawsible with time and effort!"

Here's hoping this is the year of YOUR perfect lawn.

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